Arrested Gels

The RSC/SCI Colloids Group ( held a meeting for academia, industry and students to link the latest research on gels to tomorrow’s applications in the captivating and inspiring atmosphere of Cambridge.


Colloidal gels are complex materials that when suitably designed give the performance and function to a wide range of advanced modern day products. Fundamental to designing such materials is understanding the interplay between interparticle forces on the molecular level and mesoscopic and macroscopic phenomena of network formation, mechanical properties and time-evolution. Understanding how all these components behave and interact together will be the focus of this colloquium.

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Arrested Gels 2015 is organised by the RSC/SCI Colloids Group

(RSC Colloid and Interface Science Group and SCI Colloids and Surface Chemistry Group).

Organising Committee: Malcolm Faers, Paul Bartlett, Paddy Royall and Alex Routh.