Bio-Dust Conference 2024

The inaugural conference on bio-dust, bringing together UK industry leaders that handle, manage and regulate bio-dust to share best practice and lessons learned

As the UK’s single-largest generator of renewable electricity using biomass, the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology are collaborating with lead sponsor Drax to create an opportunity for organisations, academics and professionals in the industry to come together.

The Bio-Dust Conference 2024 will be an opportunity for industry leaders in the UK that handle, manage and regulate bio-dust to share the emerging and future best practice and debate solutions for the future, with an aspiration to make industry safer.

The Conference’s agenda will include panel sessions to give industry professionals a platform to host discussions on optimum design and equipment selection.

Be part of this opportunity to join a unique network of professionals to ensure the continuation and optimum safety in relation to bio-dust.

Lead Sponsor