MIBio 2022

10th Annual MIBio Conference

MIBio 2022: Stability of Biopharmaceuticals – From molecular interactions to successful products

Following a 2-year break due to the pandemic, we are delighted to announce the return of the MIBio in-person conference. As an added celebration, this will be the 10th meeting of the MIBio conference series!

The MIBio conference series engages leading experts from industry and academia in a discussion on how the latest molecular interaction-based discoveries can be exploited in biopharmaceutical formulation to produce more effective, patient-friendly, and safer therapeutic products.

To tackle the Covid pandemic, the last two years have brought about considerable changes in the biopharmaceutical formulation landscape. The critical importance of the storage and shipment stability and ensuring the reliability of the supply chain of the key formulation components were brought to the attention of the entire world as we watched the phenomenally rapid and efficient development of the leading Covid vaccines. Significant advances have also been made in new formulation approaches to ensure not only stability and safety but also the efficacy of state-of-the-art therapeutic modalities such as mRNA and viral vector products.

In addition, the focus on patient-centric product strategies across the whole biopharmaceutical industry has strengthened. This has put additional pressure on developing and implementing smart, innovative formulation approaches and robust processes to develop medicines that truly serve the needs of patients.

MIBio 2022 will focus on discussing all of these challenges and technological advances, particularly focusing on molecular interactions, formulation, regulatory landscape, and drug product development.

We expect more than 100 delegates from industry and academia to create a stimulating event fostering new collaborations and discoveries that will help steer the development of the next generation formulation technologies. We will be inviting abstracts for poster submissions and welcome applications for sponsor and exhibitor slots for the day.

MIBio 2022 is organized by the Formulation Science & Technology Group (FSTG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Joint Colloids Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) / the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI), and the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS). The event will be held on 19th October, at Downing College, Cambridge, UK.

We look forward to seeing you at MIBio 2022!

The MIBio organising committee is:

  • Jan Jezek (Arecor)
  • Nicholas J. Darton (AstraZeneca)
  • Tejash Shah (GSK)
  • Stephen Harding (University of Nottingham)
  • Bernardo Perez-Ramirez (Sanofi)

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