MIBio 2023 Programme

08:00 Registration opens

09:00 Opening remarks

09:15 Drug Delivery Dynamics & Future outlook : a Strategic Perspective
Didier Pertuy | Sanofi

09:45 Human Factors Considerations for Formulation Development
Katie Cornish | AstraZeneca

10:15 Speed Networking

11:15 Crystalline Nanoparticles for drug delivery
Maria Chiara Arno | University of Birmingham

11:45 Advanced drug delivery strategies for oral administration of peptides and proteins
Stephen Buckley | Novo Nordisk

12:15 Lunch Break, Exhibition and Posters

13:30 Introduction to the afternoon session

13:45 Discussion panel

14:45 Exhibitors highlights

15:30 Coffee break, Exhibition and Posters

16:00 Oral biopharmaceutical delivery: Not directly replacing a shot with a pill
Alistair Taverner | University of Bath

16:30 Elucidating mechanisms of degradation and stabilisation in biologics formulations
Paul Dalby | University College London

17:00 Concluding remarks

17:10 Conference ends