Call for Abstracts

**ORAL & POSTER ABSTRACT DEADLINE - Extended to 30 June 2023**

The online abstract submission is open. (Scroll down for template)

We would welcome your abstracts for oral presentations or posters at the conference in these following themes:

Powders I: Advanced Powder Characterisation and Measurements

  • Measurement techniques for particle properties such as size, shape, and density
  • Characterisation for powder rheology
  • Characterisation of particle surface properties such as surface texture, surface energy
  • Characterisation of particle contact forces and cohesiveness/adhesiveness
  • Particle shape factors/morphology and applications

Powder II: Digitalisation with Advanced Simulations of Powders

  • Computational particle technology
  • Advanced simulation for powders at micro and meso-scale
  • Multiscale modelling for powder systems
  • Numerical methods for multiphase systems
  • Virtual process engineering and software development
  • Particle scale-up for faster and bigger simulations

Powders III: Powder Behaviours of Bulk Materials

  • Powder flow and characterisation
  • Particle adhesion, agglomeration, and caking
  • Environmental influence on powders such as humidity and temperature
  • Particle microstructure design and modification

Powder Process I: Powder storage, flow, and processing

  • Case Studies- Silo design for reliable flow
  • Blending and deblending of powders
  • Dust emission and control in a process
  • Powder segregation and degradation
  • Powder crystallisation and granulations
  • Powder coating and lubrication for powder flow

Powder Process II: Pneumatic Conveying and Fluidisation

  • Pneumatic conveying system design and simulation
  • Multiphase flow measurement
  • Particle attrition and wear
  • Powder separation and filtration
  • Mechanical conveying of powders

Powder Process III: Aerosol, Nano Materials and Process Technology

  • Nano-particles processing technology
  • Airborne particles and air pollution reduction
  • Particle size reductions and granulations
  • Health impact of airborne and nano particles
  • Process Control in Continuous and Batch Systems

Powder Technology in Industry 4.0

  • Powders for green Energy (biomass, clean coal)
  • Powders for energy conversion and CO2 reduction
  • Powders in applications of sustainable battery materials
  • Powders in Additive Manufacturing
  • Powders for Food, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care
  • Energy consumption reduction in powders handling
  • Industrial challenges for powders in manufacturing and quality monitoring
  • Advances in numerical modelling of powders and powder processing
  • Machine learning and AI applied to powder systems
  • Powder characterisations for 3D printing
  • Particle design for energy, biomedical and environment applications
  • Solid waste process and reuse for sustainable manufacturing

Abstract Submission


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